Past Reports

MGH CHNA 2016_Final122316_ForWeb.pdf


For its 2016 CHNA Report & Implementation Plan, MGH focused on the factors contributing to adolescent substance use and mental health in the communities we serve: Chelsea, Revere, Charlestown, and East Boston.

2015 MGH Community Health Needs Assessment Report and Implementation Plan.pdf

2015 CHNA

For the 2015 report, MGH engaged over 1500 people in Chelsea, Revere, and the Boston neighborhood of Charlestown on identifying the needs and strengths of the community and created a comprehensive implementation plan.

Winthrop Health Assessment Report_FINAL.pdf

2014 Winthrop CHNA

In 2014, Winthrop embarked on its first ever CHNA.

MGH CCHI 2012 AssessReport_FINAL.pdf

2012 Overall Report

Includes Chelsea, Revere, and the Boston Neighborhood of Charlestown

MGH CHELSEA CCHI 2012 AssessReport_FINAL2.pdf

2012 Chelsea CHNA

MGH REVERE CCHI 2012 AssessReport_FINAL.pdf

2012 Revere CHNA