Guiding the Process

The iCHNA/CHIP is guided by a wide range of stakeholders who meet to:

    • Advise on planning and outreach strategies

    • Ensure key constituents are represented and engaged throughout the process

    • Explore innovative solutions.

Steering Committee Members

Municipal Leadership:

Community Organizations:

Health Care Providers

Subcommittee Members

In addition to the above Steering Committee organizations, the following also play a key role in the iCHNA/CHIP:

BIG THANKS / MUCHAS GRACIAS to Mayor Brian Arrigo, Chelsea City Manager Tom Ambrosino and Winthrop Town Manager Austin Faison for taping a PSA at Chelsea Community Cable TV to promote our giant 3-community, multi-provider health needs survey! Moderator was Sylvia Chiang from the MGH Revere CARES Coalition, shown with the three community leaders and Duke Bradley, CCTV Executive Director.